Can San Jose become a Blue Zones Community?

Recently, the City of San Jose held an event where residents where provided information on the idea of a Blue Zones Community. Sponsored by City of San Jose Council-member Devora Davis of District 6, a presenter educated attendees of how practices within Blue Zones Communities help people live a longer and healthier life. Here’s whatContinue reading “Can San Jose become a Blue Zones Community?”

Why I don’t play Warzone or Apex anymore

I don’t think there’s a game people relied upon more in 2020 than Call of Duty: Warzone. Let’s be honest, as some of you were “working from home,” y’all snuck in a couple rounds with some friends or randoms. It’s the one game your significant other won’t bother you as you sit back, not relax,Continue reading “Why I don’t play Warzone or Apex anymore”

Thoughts as I’m playing Road to the Show: MLB The Show 21

I don’t always play MLB The Show, but when I do, I play Road to the Show. I typically create a starting pitcher, dominate for several seasons. You know, record book type stuff. Then I switch to a hitter and do the same. It’s literally the only reason I buy the game. Let’s be real,Continue reading “Thoughts as I’m playing Road to the Show: MLB The Show 21”

Detroit: Become Human

I started replaying Detroit: Become Human, mostly because there aren’t any amazing new games out right now, but because I also remembered what a great experience I had playing it the first time around. Whenever you can talk about the experience of playing a game, that’s how you know it was something worth playing. JustContinue reading “Detroit: Become Human”

A $600 Stimulus Check? Umm, Thank You?

With the news of Congressional leaders agreeing to a $900 billion economic relief package, it is difficult to fathom how a $600 stimulus would benefit Americans. Let’s talk about this. The people who decide how much money Americans will receive would not even qualify for a stimulus check because they make a lot of moneyContinue reading “A $600 Stimulus Check? Umm, Thank You?”

You taking the COVID-19 Vaccine? Or nah?

Should you take the COVID-19 vaccine? That is the question dominating the dinner table right now. Not Superbowl predictions or what parties are happening for New Year’s. Will you inject something into your body that may potentially save your life? That is what we’re talking about right now. Some might take a step back andContinue reading “You taking the COVID-19 Vaccine? Or nah?”

Let’s End The Two-Party System

As we conclude a disastrous 2020 Election showcasing debate skills worse than a 5th grader, prematurely claiming victory and delirious claims of cheating, many can agree this has been terrible optics for the United States. We look like anything but the greatest country in the world. We have politicians who state beliefs and suggest policies theyContinue reading “Let’s End The Two-Party System”

Can dialogue be used as an effective action to create a better society?

In very important moments, many of us tend to forget the power of words. We are taught, “Sticks and stones may break my bones but words will never hurt me.” It’s lies, but I get it. The idea of that phrase is to boost self-esteem and assure children they cannot be bullied by someone else’sContinue reading “Can dialogue be used as an effective action to create a better society?”