Why I don’t play Warzone or Apex anymore

I don’t think there’s a game people relied upon more in 2020 than Call of Duty: Warzone. Let’s be honest, as some of you were “working from home,” y’all snuck in a couple rounds with some friends or randoms. It’s the one game your significant other won’t bother you as you sit back, not relax, and avoid getting sent into the gulag. 

At its arrival, Warzone seamlessly overtook Fortnite as the number one free to play battle royal game. It’s more realistic, the gunfights appear more natural, and you don’t have to build those annoying structures in order to survive. Subsequent to playing Warzone, I discovered the treasure we know as Apex Legends.

I like Apex because it’s noticeably different than Warzone. The matches are faster paced, each character has different abilities, and there is very little space to hide on the map which creates countless exciting gunfights. So why did I stop playing? These games are obviously fun. You don’t just stop playing fun games, right?

Here’s the deal. And I’ll start with this, I am not particularly good at these kinds of games. I can hold my own, though. Let’s say, I’m typically average but above average when I’m feeling like a savage. Above anything, I prefer to win. So, I won’t get you the most kills or head shots but I’m all about making winning plays. Whether that’s strategically avoiding a fight with another team or being patient and waiting for the perfect time to ambush them.

When I first started playing Warzone with friends, my plan was we loot, strategically attack unaware players, but mostly keep a low profile until the end. While I admit, this isn’t the most exciting strategy, we’re not that good. The odds of our survival decreases with every encounter. So, the goal is keep looting, stick together, and locate a position that will give us the best advantage as the final circle nears. Once you are a part of the last three or four teams, anything can happen. And you know what, we won. And we won a lot.

My friends and I were winning at least once a day, playing maybe about three or four hours maximum. And we were landing in the top ten in almost every match. The game felt good and it was fun. It was fun to win. However, the issue became we were not averaging a lot of kills per match. Typically, we were each getting somewhere between three and five kills a game. It’s not much, but hey, I was fine with it. Unfortunately, I was the only one.

The rest of the squad wanted to achieve more kills per game. So, we tried a new strategy. For the record, not my strategy. But we decided to use a shoot on sight approach. You know, all of a sudden, everyone’s an expert with the sniper – spending five minutes shooting at a team while attracting others to our location. We had a very special teammate who would channel his inner Rambo and go off on his own to hunt other teams. Yeah, you guessed right. It didn’t go too well. He would die or leave our team at a disadvantage if another squad ran up on us.

At our best we averaged more kills. It was somewhere between seven and nine kills for our kill leader per match. However, we won very few games. Just because we averaged more kills, didn’t mean we were better. Unfortunately, the team didn’t understand. They just thought we had to get more kills. Unless you are getting fifteen or more kills, you’re not good at the deed. We were not good at that deed.

It came to the point where I understood that our winning ways would never return. Playing felt more like a chore than actually having fun. I took a couple months break, came back and saw things were still virtually the same so I left for good.

Funny enough, I started playing Apex Legends with some friends and the same exact thing happened. We were winning a lot, tried to get more kills but instead we got killed. I would say it’s pretty easy to meet random players while playing these types of games, which is awesome. Some of them can be pretty annoying, though. I haven’t played Apex in over month and I still get spammed invites by random players I’ve only played a couple games with. See the thing is, you play one game with me and we win, then all of a sudden you think I’m some pro gamer. Nope, not even close. It’s all fun, though. I’m sure I’ll return to Apex at some point. Warzone, not so much.

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