Detroit: Become Human

I started replaying Detroit: Become Human, mostly because there aren’t any amazing new games out right now, but because I also remembered what a great experience I had playing it the first time around. Whenever you can talk about the experience of playing a game, that’s how you know it was something worth playing.

Just a little background – Detroit: Become Human is an RPG that came out in 2018. It takes place in the year 2038 where Androids live as servants alongside humans. This world is extremely compelling as there are people who protests against the androids as these machines contemplate their existence in society.

As a player, you control three androids: Connor (works for the police), Kara (who explores motherhood as she tends to a human child), and Marcus (who embraces a leadership role amongst androids fighting for their freedom). The decisions you make affects the outcome of the story. Also, be careful if you mess up and do something crazy, the androids you control can die.

In addition to the premise, the acting and music as well as the attention to detail in every scene really makes you feel emotionally engaged and connected to each of the characters you either play as or encounter. One of the cool things about these types of games is that you can replay it several times and your experience will be different because of the choices you make. It also makes you think of some of the similarities as you compare it to all that goes on in our society today and throughout our history.

The only disappointment for me is that there was never any mention of a DLC or add-ons as far as I am aware. It would have been cool to play a short side story of one of the many intriguing characters, or at the very least, allow players to have options for which clothing the androids can wear. Small additions like that can help a game remain more relevant than expected.  

Overall, if you haven’t played this game you need to get it ASAP. You won’t regret it.

PQ Score: 9 out of 10

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