10 Gift Ideas for under $20

It’s that time of the year again when you need to get a family member, friend, or co-worker a gift and just haven’t had the time. From Secret Santa to cheap and easy, here are our top picks for gift ideas under $20. So before you go out and buy socks for some poor soul, check out this list and get something cool.

10. Funko POP!

These fun collectables are commonly seen in homes and workspaces, and can range from all sorts of interests such as Marvel, Game of Thrones, and Star Wars. At a time where The Mandalorian is the biggest thing on TV, a Funko POP! of a character in this series would certainly satisfy almost anyone.

9. Slippers

Who wouldn’t enjoy nice pair of comfy slippers instead of walking on hardwood floor? You can’t go wrong here. Just make sure you have the right shoe size.

8. Blanket Plush

No explanation needed if you’ve ever had one of these. If you haven’t, screw the gift and get one for yourself.

7. iPhone Case

Well, everyone and their mother has an iPhone. Additionally, everyone and their mother has an iPhone with a basic case or an iPhone without a case. Search through Amazon and you’ll discover the coolest iPhone cases listed at a cheap price.

6. Luggage Scale

How many times have you traveled and wondered if your suitcase weighs too much? You are not the only one. A luggage scale may end up being the coolest gift for a Secret Santa or Yankee swap.

5. Shower Beer Holder

Talk about guilty pleasures. There’s nothing better than taking a beer to shower. Imagine having a beer holder in the shower. Game changer.

4. Cookbook

There is always a foodie in every bunch. Find a cool cookbook and include that in your gifts under 20 bucks.

3. Alcohol

Hard to go wrong here. A cheap bottle of wine or some nips are bound to boost the holiday cheer.

2. Gift Card

Rule of thumb, especially for Secret Santa’s or Yankee swaps at work. When in doubt always get a gift card. That is the one gift the receiver will love. It is basically free money with the option to choose their own gift at the intended retailer.

  1. Face Masks

We are still in 2020, so there is no list without face masks. Fingers crossed this won’t make the list next year.

Hopefully, some of these items help you with your last minute shopping. May the force be with you.


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