A $600 Stimulus Check? Umm, Thank You?

With the news of Congressional leaders agreeing to a $900 billion economic relief package, it is difficult to fathom how a $600 stimulus would benefit Americans.

Let’s talk about this. The people who decide how much money Americans will receive would not even qualify for a stimulus check because they make a lot of money to begin with. So how did they come up with this number? How do they know that $600 is sustainable for those of a low-income class? $600 doesn’t cover rent in most places. Did they interview people in need? Did they ask Americans if this amount would help?

It is time for our leaders to genuinely care about each and every American. We need to put aside political agendas. With the craziness Americans have had to endure this year, $600 in only a second round of stimulus checks seems like a slap in the face to the people who really need the financial assistance. The money Americans receive gets pumped back into the economy – back into our local businesses. The more financial help Americans receive, the quicker we can get our economy in better shape.

There has been opportunity after opportunity to make decisions that can help our people bounce back from the massive hits taken this year only to see it wasted away by selfish efforts. No more vague, empty promises to help our people. We are all paying attention and will remember these decisions when it is time to elect officials.  

– PQ

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