Let’s End The Two-Party System

As we conclude a disastrous 2020 Election showcasing debate skills worse than a 5th grader, prematurely claiming victory and delirious claims of cheating, many can agree this has been terrible optics for the United States. We look like anything but the greatest country in the world.

We have politicians who state beliefs and suggest policies they will enact if elected only to satisfy the demographic they are hoping will vote for them. While this does not reflect all political leaders, if many are guilty of creating a false image to siphon votes, then it is impossible to identify which candidates wholeheartedly want to help the American people instead of just achieving their own political gain.

I know we do not like change, but it is time to end the two-party system. We should never see a Donald Trump running for presidency on a Democrat or Republican ticket. That goes for Kanye West and even if the Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson ever decides to run. However, what we learned from the Trump experiment is not only should he just stick to Reality TV, but he actually can appeal to both Democrats and Republicans because he is a celebrity. His blind followers don’t care that he’s a habitual liar or has been accused of things most citizens would go to jail for. You might call these people stupid, but they’re quite comparable to “Swifties” or people like me who smell what The Rock is cooking.

Typical elected officials should be people who come in with prior experience in politics and have shown they are capable of leading everyone in our country, not just the people who may support him or her in an election. The Democratic and Republican Parties should never sell out because a candidate is a billionaire and has a shitload of Twitter followers. However, we are the United States – a country of opportunity. So, there should be a party where people who have not built their career as a Democrat or Republican can enter the fray and fight to become local elected officials and even President of the United States.

A third party means there will no longer be undecided voters who have only two legitimate options choose from. A third party means that Democrats and Republicans no longer have to support candidates they know do not fit their ideal model of candidacy. Most importantly, a third party means that we can have candidates that do not follow Democrat or Republican values. We won’t have candidates who change their belief system to fit in with the political party they feel might give them the best chance of winning an election. 

Imagine millions of voters not liking either a Democrat or Republican candidate, and those same voters gravitate to a third party and that influences the outcome of an election. Imagine not having a right/left wing divide, and politicians are forced to try to sway every American because every vote would matter. 

We have had two parties for so long, and it continues to play a role in the major divide of our country. An additional major party is change, at the very least. Will it help calm our divide? Who knows. Will it steer politicians to be more candid with their campaign strategies? Maybe. What is clear is that it hard to get any worse than it is now.


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One thought on “Let’s End The Two-Party System

  1. I agree our political system needs massive reform, starting with repealing Citizen’s United, getting the big money out of politics, adding many third parties, removing lifetime pay and benefits for politicians and more. With the ulitimate goal being to have politics truly represent the people, not corporations and big money.


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